The Winery

1808 is not a wine, it’s another world. A world where only option is artisanal. A natural world steeped in a tranquil disposition where delicate wines fill bronze goblets. 

In the Southern Basque Country, surrounded by vineyards and small lakes, the medieval town of Laguardia rises on a fortifiled hill. Cars are not allowed in the town as it riddled with two hundred caves underneath the surface where, even nowadays, some of the best wines of Rioja Alavesa are kept. 

In one of these caves, six metres below the surface, the Martinez family began their wine enterprise in age 16th century. From the 19th century onwards, Perfecto Martinez strarts a new project which, over five generations, has managed to respect tradition and which keeps on producing wines representative of their enviroment as an identity sign. 

Viña 2


In 2002 the last generation shift take place, which implies a new wine project based on a human team that wants to adapt to new times without giving up their ancestral identity sings. 




We make wine because we like it, because we enjoy it, because we feel the passion. But, above anything else, because it survives us… like a book, like a sculpture or a song, like the music that will live through  moments and ages.

Balanced wines that are full of subtle, delicate, vaporous nuances. Wines of passion that taste of the earth. And of the sky. Wines with personality, with temper and, why not, with a little bit of craziness.

Montaje Vinos